Zobi Fabrics 2013-2014 Dress Designs of Anarkalis and Mehndi

zobi fabrics 2013 2014 spring traditional dresses 11 Zobi Fabrics 2013 2014 Dress Designs of Anarkalis and Mehndi

There might be only a few or may be very little amount of women who would not actually like to wear Anarkali fashion designs, these traditional and prehistoric outfits which are still in fashion and with every passing season the demands for these outfits grows even more has just made back in market, talking about Anarkali fashion and you don’t consider adding Ghani fabric than that would be very unjust with the brand.

Ghani Fabric is a fashion brand based in Pakistan which caters mostly in their Anarkali fashion designs, the brand mostly caters in Anarkali frocks, Pajamas and trendy fashion designs for cultural wear, their Mehndi designs 2013 are also released some days ago but the main highlights for this season by the brand are actually their Anarkali frocks which are paired with Anarkali churidars and pajamas, the designer wear from the brand which are all looking really beautiful and stunning with the selections of glowing and vibrant striking colors for women in Anarkalis, frocks, long shirts A-lines and trendy mermaid dresses is now available in market. The brand in a short period of time since 2010 has gained immense popularity for their love to fashion designs in cultural wear.

zobi fabrics 2013 2014 spring traditional dresses 16 Zobi Fabrics 2013 2014 Dress Designs of Anarkalis and Mehndi

Green, maron, black, tea pink, white and other beautiful feminine and natural colors inspired for spring season by Zobi fabric for their Anarkali catalog is now available in market on a starting price of 99$.


This complete seasonal wear of single and 3 pieces suiting from Ghani fabric comes paired all time hit Chiffon dupattas and paired with amazing footwear from ghani fabric, the sexy model of Pakistan fashion industry from the brand also displayed this catalog which looks really amazing on her, though these designs would be available for a limited and short time at their flagship stores but you can always come online and have these delivered to your house in no time, The brand is based in Karachi but delivers all over Pakistan, beside Pakistan you can order it internationally if your from any of these countries, America, Canada UK and UAE.


Anarkali Frocks and Pajamas for Spring Wear 2013-2014


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