Xenab’s Atelier Winter 2012-2013 Formals for Women

zenabs atelier 2012 2013 winter wear 6 Xenabs Atelier Winter 2012 2013 Formals for Women

Xenab’s Atelier, a brand which is known to be the most stylish and beautiful as its name suggests, this brand has been around for just 3 years and in this short time period they have gained tremendous amount of fame and name for their beautiful formals, casuals and semi-formal dress designs.Some months ago this brand had introduced a very elegant and beautiful catalog of ready to wear outfits, though those were already available in market but the embellishment and beauty of those dresses caught the eyes of customers and viewers and it made them a super hit catalog for summer and spring 2012-2013 season.

zenabs atelier 2012 2013 winter wear 4 Xenabs Atelier Winter 2012 2013 Formals for Women

Everything which you would require for your formals and semi-formal dresses is available in Xenab’s atelier winter 2012-2013 catalog.Prices starts from 180$.


Today, Xenab’s Atelier has introduced another catalog of beautiful and ready to wear formals collection, this catalog was not officially announced in any magazine of any press conference but we were able to get them from their facebook page and also from their flagship stores, these new arrivals are limited editions and the best thing about these outfits are the vibrant colors which are perfect for your evening and night party functions, though the catalog is targeted for young girls and teenage beauties of Pakistan but older women are also considered and thats why the color variations of dark and soober are perfect for aged women.



The complete catalog of their latest collection of formal and traditional dresses is shared below, the best thing about this brand is the custom order, you can have your outfit modified as per your need in just a little bit of extra money, but looking at the catalog we are sure that you won’t be needing any modifications as these stone and silver work on outfits are perfect for your winter and autumn catalog of 2012-2013 season.



Xenab’s Atelier 2012-2013 Winter Wear Catalog for Women




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