VJ Mathira Get her Top Dropped in Fashion Pakistan Week

Well we all know it that where there is glamour there is always sexy,and funky things tend to happen,and something like this happened in Pakistan’s mega event for fashion industry where mathira got her top dropped while walking on ramp, Interesting thing is that model did not even feel a slightest bit of shame.
Yesterday was the first day of Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW 3), and most of the people enjoyed it ,not because it was due to the models or dresses but a specific incident made them all up-roared and got them enjoyed. Pakistani model Mathira Muhammad who is already known for her sexy photoshot and adult pictures of Pakistan actress, while walking on ramp she got her top dropped,now is it a coincident or was this thing tend to happen? while model commented out this on her twitter account

Yeah so what if my top fell down. Shit happens at fashion week.

She was exhibiting the dresses by Sanam Chaudri when this all happened, model did not panic or showed any sign of confusion or even if it all happened by mistake,rather she was totally calm and then walked to backstage.

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