Umar Batul EID Dresses for Ramadan 2012-2013

A-line, frocks , shalwar and kameez are again back in action from many brands for Eid and Ramadan season, Umar Batul, a brand which is not much popular due to its media PR not been published in many fashion shows and magazines, but they are very old fashion house and has launched many good seasonal wear collection.


This time they have launched their outfit collections with one of the most beautiful Pakistan TV actress and sexy model that you have seen in many fashion shows. This year’s collection by Umar batul is all about┬áplates, A-line frocks and Kameez, Sleeveless platted dresses and beautiful frocks for EID has hit the market.


checkout the Umar Batul Summer Seasonal Collection for EID dresses 2012-2013

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