Trendy, Stylish and Funky Dresses 2013-2014 for Women from Mahreen Fahad

Bridal and Formal Wear by Mahreen Fahad Sheikh 6 Trendy, Stylish and Funky Dresses 2013 2014 for Women from Mahreen Fahad

Fashion is all about ideas, designs, your mind blowing creativity and than on top of things how well can you actually present your band and your creations to the world, talking about ideas and creations we have shared thousands of beautiful and fresh brands to you all and we are very much happy from the feedback that we have actually received from you all, well keeping this beautiful trend going, we have today brought you another insightful and trendy fashion brand of Pakistan fashion industry which is known for their best and beautiful designs that brings exquisite and fun into the life of it’s user and consumers.

Mahreen Fahad, a designer based in Karachi and Lahore has just started her brand a couple of months ago, the brand which is named after herself is now available with the latest trendy and fashion designs of modern traditional and cultural wear for women and girls, Mahreen Fahad is a young graduate of fashion institute and now she introduced her very first debut album of dress designs 2013-2014, well 2013 seems a good start for many of fresh talents, as we can see that there has been so many beautiful and very good catalogs of 1-3 pieces suiting.

Bridal and Formal Wear by Mahreen Fahad Sheikh 2 Trendy, Stylish and Funky Dresses 2013 2014 for Women from Mahreen Fahad

From bridal to party wear, and casuals to formals wear, this brand has solution for women and girls aging from 18-40 for their seasonal wear. Prices starts from 199$.


Since the winter is almost finished and now the beautiful season of Basant and Spring is on it’s way, the designers around the world and specially those who belongs to Asian countries are right now focusing on providing outfits which can be used both in winter and spring season of 2013-2014, well some of them has already taken a step forward and introduced their catalogs, but majority of new and old brands are still making their minds as to what they should be introducing this season.For now, checkout the long shirts, A-lines and Mermaid outfits catalog from Mahreen Fahad and update us if you like any of these.


Mahreen Fahad Beautiful and Trendy Fashion Designs for Women and Girls



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