Spring Fashion Designs 2013-2014 from Momeeza Afzal Khan

spring color block designs 2013 2014 6 Spring Fashion Designs 2013 2014 from Momeeza Afzal Khan

The trend so far has been actually about fashion world was the celebrity actually joining the field after having a successful run over their career, this made them successful instantly when they came into this wonderful field of fashion as the people who were already their fan fell instantly in love with their new and exciting career, though the best thing about fashion world as we all know is actually to have something unique and something stylish for the seasonal and occasional wear, and those designer no matter from which field and which prospectus are they, if they get things right and straight in starting are always a success.

MAK, a fashion brand and one of it’s kind as the designer is not a celebrity or some common talented person but she is an anchor of Such TV, earlier we had seen all kind of showbiz people but Anchors joining this field and trying their luck, but today the first time this beautiful and yet insightful anchor of Such Tv tries her luck in fashion world, her designs which are all classy and subcontinental ready to wear catalogs are all presented below, this complete catalog comes in single pieces suiting and available on her flagship stores and online booking only.

spring color block designs 2013 2014 15 Spring Fashion Designs 2013 2014 from Momeeza Afzal Khan

Color blocking seems to be inspiring lots of designers, first shirin hassan than Umar Batul and now MAK with her spring wear in color blocking for spring and summer. This complete catalog starting price is 25$.


As being an anchor she might not get much time to spend on her brand but we can see that with little time she managed to actually come up with something unique and stylish for women fashion designs, the brand was established in July 2012 and in just 8 months of their launch this is their second catalog, the first catalog was not much of an impression for our viewers and we believe that this second catalog of Momeeza Afzal Khan also known as MAK would actually make some difference, her brand is available for online orders only and should you be interested in purchasing it internationally than you can always get in touch with us about how to proceed.


Momeeza Afzal Khan 2013-2014 Spring Fashion Designs


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