Spring Colors Shades 2013-2014 by Al-Karam Lawn

al karam lawn prints for spring 2013 2014 7 Spring Colors Shades 2013 2014 by Al Karam Lawn

Today has been so far the good day for us and when just we were thinking that we had enough data to actually upload and share with our users for today than suddenly and unexpectedly we found this beautiful and yet very famous brand, well when you find someone so close and so loving to you suddenly than you say to them Fancy seeing you here, but what would you call a brand which is lovable to everyone and belongs to this beautiful fashion industry of Eastern fashion, the brand which is the heartbeat of thousands of people and with the start of spring people have already started searching on internet for their new catalog.

Yes the brand we have been talking here is known as Al-Karam, the famous Al-karam lawn which has been providing the catalogs of their sub-brands has just finally released their very first catalog of Spring 2013-2014 season, this catalog of 3 pieces suiting by Al-Karam lawn was actually released a week ago but that time it was exclusively available for people in Karachi and now since it has been released worldwide so now all the leading retail and chain store including the flagship stores of Al-Karam lawn actually has this catalog on their stores.

al karam lawn prints for spring 2013 2014 22 Spring Colors Shades 2013 2014 by Al Karam Lawn

Featuring the beautiful Ayyan Ali in their catalog with other sexy models for their 3 pieces suiting, these pieces of art which comes in sleeveless and full sleeves options are now available in market in just 79$ starting price.


Al-Karam lawn is a very popular fashion store in Pakistan which started their fashion journey in 1986 and now after 27 years of being in business, they are considered as one of the best brands in Pakistan fashion industry for their ready to war and un-stitched catalogs catering in women and girls, this complete catalog which comes in different colors variations and best for formals and semi-formals wear would be the best choice for young girls, studying girls and sexy girls of Pakistan fashion industry who are having Prom or date nights ahead of them.So this spring and summer go all the way in to fashion world with these amazing Al-Karam lawn prints for your ready to wear solutions.


Al-Karam 2013-2014 Spring and Summer Amazing Dress Designs


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