Sheenz Modern Dress Designs for Women and Girls of Pakistan

There is a brand in Pakistan fashion industry which goes by a very catchy slogan of  Look classy, Look trendy, Our clothes say it all!, most you would not be aware of it as it;s a very fresh brand of Pakistan fashion industry and it caters mainly in women and girls ready to wear, the brand was established in 2011 and since than they have just released a couple of their beautiful and sexy traditional, western and cultural dress designs catalogs for women and young girls of Indian fashion lovers, you might be wondering about the name, well the brand calls itself Sheenz, and it is based in Karachi, beside introducing and catering in casuals and formals they do also provide fashion accessories as well which are mostly matched with their designs.

tunics and tops from sheenz winter 27 Sheenz Modern Dress Designs for Women and Girls of Pakistan

The brand which is new but already being recognized by Japanese and Pakistani media for their beautiful creations is now back with their winter wear. Prices starts from 99$.


The recent catalog of winter and autumn from Sheenz is showcased below, all the outfits in this catalog are about western tunics and tops which are all perfectly embellished with motifs and beautiful embroidered designs, Sheenz as being a new fashion brand in Pakistan fashion industry caters mostly in what their clients are looking for, since they cannot afford to released catalogs which will put their business in risk so they mostly launches what their customers buys from them and currently they are only selling beautiful western tunics and tops catalogs for women and young girls of Pakistan fashion industry.


A catalog beautiful clutches with their recent winter dress designs selections is showcased below, this album from Sheenz was released some days ago, first they released only the dress designs and than after some days they did introduce their whole catalog of beautiful clutches paired with pajamas and trousers, This catalog is currently available in Karachi only since their flagship store is based in Karachi, for the rest of the world they do provide online shipping which is more convenient than of visiting the store.


Sheenz Beautiful Tops and Tunics for Women and Girls Winter



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