Sheen Dress Designs 2013-2014 by Women

Sheen Spring Collection 2013 For Women 006 Sheen Dress Designs 2013 2014 by Women

So far we have seen that in fashion world people would actually follow the culture which has way too much influence in fashion world and would avoid the designs not much popular in fashion industry, but today we have the brand which is known as Sheen and owned by Shiva Sheibani, a young and talented fashion designer based in KPK areas of Pakistan. She started her fashion brand in 2012 and so far this is the third catalog of her fashion brand and we must say it’s way very impressive.

A complete catalog of beautiful seasonal wear embellished with motifs, shawls and embroidered fashion wear from the brand is now available in market, this catalog consist of overcoats, outfits, cape and Iranian clothes which are all embellished with amazing fashion wear of traditional and cultural wear in 3 pieces suiting for women and girls ready to wear clothing.Sheen;s latest catalog is all about bright and vibrant colors with 2-3 colors variations of yellow, green, blue and Orange.

Sheen Spring Collection 2013 For Women 0008 Sheen Dress Designs 2013 2014 by Women

Beautiful Cape and Iranian fashion wear from this young and hot designer for summer and spring 2013-2014 is now available in market which has the starting price of 89$.


This complete catalog from the brand is currently for sale at their flagship stores in designer lounge and Peshawar, though she is a new brand and still making her way to the fashion world but we are sure that she would be making a really good entrance into the fashion world with her coming catalogs, this new fashion wear from her brand is all about overcoats, coats and Iranian designs which are looking really amazing for this summer and spring 2013-2014 fashion wear, she has been featured in recent fashion shows as well, checkout the catalog of beautiful classic and folk dress designs of Sheen designer house and let us know of what you think about the brand. This whole album is featured in local fashion magazine and sexy Ayyan Ali is the one displaying this complete catalog.


Sheen by Shiva Sheibani Sexy Dress Designs 2013


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