Shaista Lawn Beautiful and Amazing Spring Summer 2013 Catalog

Fashion brands are very busy these days as they are preparing to launch one of their best seasonal wear catalog for women and men of Pakistan and Indian fashion industry, today the prices of brands for their seasonal wear has spiked to the highest than ever, there was a time when in 100$ you could buy lots of fashion designs from Pakistan and now things have changed so much, these days 100$ would not even buy you any decent export quality material from local market and this is not only in Lahore, things are actually pretty much the same in all regions of Pakistan and Indian fashion industry.

Today the trend has set in a different direction, you see if a brand is actually providing a quality fabric in low price than people would actually question that how come this outfit is so cheap when the prices in market are so high and these kind of questions would actually make brand increase their prices and eventually that would actually affect the purchasing power of consumers.

shaista lawn embroidered catalog 2013 51 Shaista Lawn Beautiful and Amazing Spring Summer 2013 Catalog

Beautiful embroidered neck designs which are embellished with laces borders and sleeves made of net fabric available in 3 pieces suiting, the starting price for these designs is 50$.

Shaista lawn is a famous Pakistani fashion brand which caters in all kind of beautiful and fancy 3 pieces suiting, this brand has been around for quit sometime now and people are actually starting to fall for their seasonal wear catalog, another reason for being popular for this brand is actually their prices for outfits which are very affordable and designs are all really impressive, recently the brand has released a very huge catalog after 4 months of break from their last catalog, just like majority of brands in Pakistan and Indian fashion industry, shaista lawn is also one of the Summer and Spring seasonal brand which you will only see coming with new fashion designs on lawn and cotton fabric with the mix up of chiffon in it, a complete catalog of more than 50 outfits made with pure chiffon and Bliss embroidery with amazing printed lawn of long shirts and sleeveless frock. This seasonal wear is available in all leading stores of Pakistan.


Shaista Lawn 2013-2014 Summer Spring Fashion Designs for Young Girls


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