Sana Salman Dress Designs for Summer Spring 2013-2014

sana salman designs 2013 2014 for women 11 Sana Salman Dress Designs for Summer Spring 2013 2014

Party wear and casuals designs from Sana Salman has always been the favorite of thousands of women and girls around the world, though the brand is fairly new and not many of us are actually aware of the brand and than interesting thing is that these brands actually not as much into advertisement as they should have been, but still this is one of the brand which are not only providing best quality of outfits on an affordable price tag but are also very popular with what they do and how they do it.

Sana Salman is a young and energetic fashion designer who is based in Lahore, after completing her education of fashion designing she started her own fashion brand, though the reason she kept same as many of those new brands which is she was bored of what has already been circling in marketing and wanted to provide something new under her own platform, in starting she was failing miserably and people were not as impressed as she had thought they might have been but than slowly they started to recognize the brand and talent with potential that Sana Salman had for her outfits.

sana salman designs 2013 2014 for women 8 Sana Salman Dress Designs for Summer Spring 2013 2014

Refreshing designs with amazing cape and 3 pieces suiting of lawn, silk, velvet and Georgette, a complete solution of western and eastern dressing from the young designer is now available in 59$.


Currently the brand has couple of their branches in 2 cities of Pakistan and other than that she is actually providing the solution for women and girls for their clothing though her facebook page, beside providing ready to wear dresses she is also taking orders of custom solutions for those who are interested in making a unique outfit for themselves, being known for her outfits and amazingly creating some of the beautiful fashion designs in seasonal wear, she has won a couple of fashion medals from some local fashion shows, though we haven’t seen her in any major event and that might also be the reason for her not being well known amongst all of us but you never know that when things can actually take a turn.


Sana Salman 2013-2014 Summer for Beautiful Women


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