Samahriak 2013-2014 Abayas for Formals and Casuals

Latest Party Wear Collection 2013 For Muslim Women By Samahriak Abaya4 Samahriak 2013 2014 Abayas for Formals and Casuals

Abayas are some of the most trendy and most valuable Muslim women accessory, though many women in today’s world feel it awkward to wear this beautiful veil and Islam related product but still majority of women and young girls actually wear it and they don’t actually do it forcefully, rather they do love to wear it as it makes them feel comfortable and makes them safe as well. Abayas have been developed with the modern fashion and today there are thousands of new fashion styles and Abayas designs for women and girls all around the world and every month we are seeing more and more of these Abayas are actually coming out from top Indian, Arabian and Pakistani brands and everytime a new catalog comes out it makes the earlier catalog looks boring and out of fashion.

Samahriak, an Arabian fashion house which is mainly known for their Abayas products has just released their most recent catalog of new and beautiful Abayas designs, a catalog of their Abayas which are all perfect for your formals, casuals and occasional wear is now available in market, the best thing about these Abayas is that these are also good choices for women who want to wear it on their wedding days as well, since we are all aware that majority of Arabian women would actually love to wear Abayas on their big days as well when going to their husband house.

Latest Party Wear Collection 2013 For Muslim Women By Samahriak Abaya7 Samahriak 2013 2014 Abayas for Formals and Casuals

Beautiful Abayas with scarves typed veils that not only increases your look and beauty but also make you look sexy and smart, a catalog of stylish Abayas for winter and 2013-2014 season from Samahriak is now available in market. Prices starts from 99$.


So to make your special days more special and more memorable we have today a very classy and very beautiful catalog of designer wear from this beautiful brand, this complete catalog of Abayas is available in Long, Maxi and frock typed styles which are also coming in different 3 dark colors variations as well, so why wait to have some beautiful Abayas come your way, why not book one online and get it delivered to you whenever you want it.


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  1. ahsan says:

    very trendy and beautifull outfit,is there a display do let me know.regards

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