Pret9 2012-2013 Ready to Wear Baby Doll Dresses for Winter

When we were baby, we used to play with dolls and used to have all kinds of fun which elders had in our times, we remembered the time when we got our first barbie doll house and we were roaming all around the house and screaming with happiness, we used to have tea parties, guest parties, and all kinds of fun which our little mind could imagine, and if you did not do all that than we are sure that you missed a huge fun of your teenage life.As the time goes by, we grew older and got busy with our so called artificial fun life.


Pret 9 Baby Doll Collection 2012 004 Pret9 2012 2013 Ready to Wear Baby Doll Dresses for Winter

Baby Doll is a collection of stunning embroidered and laces work outfits which are all embellished with platted short frocks, shining embroidery and buttons paired with churidar pajamas and tights.Prices starts from 60$.


But, today pret9 is back to memorize you those old days which has been long gone from our life, pret9 a fashion brand which was established in 2009 has just released their collection of lawn, cotton and chiffon dresses which is called as Baby Doll 2012-2013 Collection by pret9, the concept of this collection is short frocks designs which are stitched in a manner that it makes you more younger than you are.



Complete download catalog of Pret9’s baby doll 2012-2013 dresses collection is shared below, now as you can see that all the outfits are half sleeves which are all embellished with floral printed lawn designs and paired with tights and bellbottoms, you can also wear these frocks with churidar pajamas.Dark and vivid colors combinations used in this collection which makes it perfect for the young teenage girls and girls aging from 21-30 years.



Baby Doll 2012-2013 Lawn and Chiffon collection by Pret9



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