Patiala Trousers With Short Kurti and Frock, Summer 2012-2013 Patiala Fashion

Punjab is known for many cultural places and historical events, lots of tourists and other historical places lovers comes here everyday to visit those magnificent pre-historical places which were once the glory of ancient times.

Patiala salwar kameez and frocks are traditional wear of Indian Punjab and they are very popular among those who live in there,Patiala kameez are of same kind as a normal kurtis but only difference is that these are short while other kurtis are long in length and also patiala salwar is different then other salwars, these beautiful patiala salwars are round in shape from top and then to bottom they are tight and in length like of normal salwars.


Checkout the beautiful patiala salwar and frock designs for Summer and Winter 2012-2013

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