Palazzo Dresses, New Palazzo Trends 2012-2013, Eid Dresses by Umar Sayeed

umar sayeed at fpw3 6 Palazzo Dresses, New Palazzo Trends 2012 2013, Eid Dresses by Umar Sayeed

Well, since the trend of everything changing with the changing weather and developing technology, so why should the fashion industry stay behind then everyone else, since this is the industry which brings changes to everyone’s life before anything else can try and change you.


As we have seen that since the beginning of 2010 there was fashion (and still going on) of wearing pajamas, skinny and tight jeans, pants which got very popular among Asian women and beautiful girls, you could have seen lots of celebrity in Tv serials and movies adopting this style. but now the era of jeans is gone and the new era of Palazzo trousers is coming, or if we say that it has already taken over the old fashion jeans, it would not be wrong either.


These long trousers which were showcased earlier in Rang Ja collection, than in Umar Sayeed and Gul Ahmed collection and now in FPW 2012 London collection.A type trouser which is cut loose, and wide leg gone far out of their waist, you cannot compare them with bellbottoms, since it is a totally different thing.


checkout the Umar Sayeed and Zara Shahjahan summer 2012-2013 Eid dresses collection



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