Pakistan Fashion of Beautiful Al-Karam Designs 2013

pakistan fashion of eid by al karam lawn 2013 3 200x200 Pakistan Fashion of Beautiful Al Karam Designs 2013

This week has so far been one of the fun and best week for us all, we mean that in starting of this week we had all the popular and top Pakistani fashion brands and not to mention the name of that stylish, delegate and most renowned fashion brand of Pakistan known as Gul ahmed lawn. Than came the designer wear from Nishat lawn and than came the stylish Rang ja and other small brands follow them. But today here with us with have another Pakistan fashion designer wear brand, yes the brand which is no less than Gul Ahmed in popularity and than they are also having some other smaller and yet popular brands in their respective fields. Now some of you might have guessed the name right till now, but for those of you who still haven’t got the clue. The brand is known as Al-karam.

Al-Karam Festival Catalog of 2013-2014

Now as discussed above and in our other posts that currently almost each and every brand of Pakistan fashion industry is basically focusing themselves in providing the latest, trendy and beautiful catalogs of fashion wear for just one purpose and that one thing is only Ramadan and Eid catalog of 2013-2014. Pakistan fashion has never been so busy in past years as much as in recent times this has evolved to another heights. Al-karam lawn festival catalog of Pakistan fashion designs are really impressive. Though their prices are somewhat high but these are no way costlier than their competitor in field like gul Ahmed, Nishat, Bareeze and so on.

pakistan fashion of eid by al karam lawn 2013 10 Pakistan Fashion of Beautiful Al Karam Designs 2013

A complete catalog of some of the very bright, vibrant and striking colors for women wear in Pakistan fashion designs from Al-karam lawn for their festival 2013 catalog are now available in stores.


Al-Karam lawn Pakistan fashion wear catalog comes in like always 3 pieces suiting solutions, their fashion designs are all made of chiffon, pure chiffon, malai lawn, swiss voile, chiffon dupattas and than Palazzos, trousers, and beautiful salwar kameez. Though these Pakistan fashion designs are all looking really beautiful and the color selection, choices of embellishment and than that beautiful and trendy look of long shirts on a Pajama is no doubt killing in Pakistan fashion. But in some of these fashion wear we have noticed a very dull combination of Palazzos and loose trousers. It’s good that Pakistan fashion from Al-Karam lawn actually comes in un-stitched and fabric only solution so that you can modify it to your liking. else you would all be forced to wear some of these dumb ideas.


Al-Karam Lawn Pakistan Fashion for Eid and Ramadan


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