Nishat Linen 2013-2014 3 Pieces Suiting for Women

nishat 2013 2014 women catalog of dress designs 28 Nishat Linen 2013 2014 3 Pieces Suiting for Women

Nishat linen by Nishat group has just came forward with their new and fashionable designs for women and girls of Pakistan fashion industry, it appears that as if all these brands were been waiting for the perfect moment of actually all those new brands to first release their catalogs and than once they are done than these giants and pioneer of fashion industry and also the trend setter for seasonal and formals wear would actually released their catalogs. we mean that just after the release of seasonal ear from Al-Hamra textile we have today with us another old and more than 2 decades of experience in fashion industry with us.

Nisht Linen is a famous and very popular Pakistani fashion brand which has it’s network of flagship stores spread across the world, the brand has been providing us with some of the very best and very attractive catalogs of seasonal wear and they were the one who are also affiliated with Naqsh prince and Nisha Princess linen wear as well which are their family products of dresses and fashion accessories for kids and young boys and girls. This new catalog of Nishat line for women wear does not only contain some outfits but these are also having some trendy fashion clutches and handbags which are all perfect for coming Summer and Spring season of 2013-2014.

nishat 2013 2014 women catalog of dress designs 52 Nishat Linen 2013 2014 3 Pieces Suiting for Women

Beautiful dresses made of lawn, chiffon, velvet, silk and Georgette fabric in 3 pieces suiting with beautiful embroidery and printed designs is now available by Nishat Linen’s Summer Spring 2013-2014 Catalog. Prices starts from 99$.

A complete catalog of beautiful designs and perfectly embellished stone work dresses from Nishat linen with their trendy handbags, bangles, pendant and other fashion accessories is available below, this complete catalog is just a sneak peak preview of what would be available in market starting 8th February 2013. So if you llike any of these dresses than you can hurry and book your order before 8th February and get it in time of valentine.


Trendy Fashionable Designs for Proms and Dates by Nishat Linen 2013-2014


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    Gorgeous print I like it

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