Nadia Hussain 2013-2014 Fashion Wear for Holi and Women

nadia hussain lawn 2013 2014 by shariq textile 6 Nadia Hussain 2013 2014 Fashion Wear for Holi and Women

There was a time when Gul Ahmed and Al-karam used to rule the world of fashion industry in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, these brands used to released their catalogs time by time and these were so fabulous and popular that whatever was issued in their latest fashion magazine was sold like hot cake, but than in 21st century the trend started to go in opposite direction. People saw that more and more brands are coming with their unique and beautiful ideas and amazing creations so they thought of giving those brands a try and they were never disappointed.

Currently one of the best textile brand which is catering in all kind of ready to wear women clothing is Shariq textile, the brand was first introduced in market back in 2009 and currently they are providing more than 10 different kinds of lawn, silk, cotton and chiffon dresses.The best thing about this brand is that they are always coming with something unique, stylish and edgy for the women and girls of South Asian countries.

nadia hussain lawn 2013 2014 by shariq textile 19 Nadia Hussain 2013 2014 Fashion Wear for Holi and Women

Last seen in winter of 2012 and now back with their fashion wear of 2013-2014 for summer, Nadia Hussain lawn 3 pieces suiting looks perfect for women looking for an affordable solution starting from 49$.


Currently the shariq textile brand is providing atleast one catalog every week, Nadia Hussain, Subhata Lawn, Mahiymaan and so many more brands which are flooding the market are actually a summer treat from Shariq textile, the brand’s latest catalog of summer wear 2013-2014 which consist of 3 pieces suiting for women and girls with amazing and stylish printed wear is now available in market, they have their stockist available in all cities of Pakistan and other than that they are also providing one of the best catalog of seasonal wear, so if you are still looking for some affordable and cheap fashion designs for your summer wear clothing than we assure you that Shariq textile’s Nadia Hussain catalog would be a perfect treatment for yourselves.


Nadia Hussain Lawn 2013-2014 for Women and Summer Wear in Holi


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