Monia Farooqi 2012-2013 Winter and Pre-fall Catalog for Women

monia farooqi western and eastern wear 3 Monia Farooqi 2012 2013 Winter and Pre fall Catalog for Women

A new catalog is today released in a fashion magazine which is known as Glam magazine, now the magazine is not so popular and that;s why we weren’t expecting anything interesting while checking it, but seems like as if we were wrong, specially when we saw the beautiful catalog of western and traditional catalog mix-up from Monia farooqi, the catalog was very impressive and at that instant we thought to share it with our valued users, specially to those who are always looking for interesting and appealing outfits in their seasonal and formal catalogs.

monia farooqi western and eastern wear 2 Monia Farooqi 2012 2013 Winter and Pre fall Catalog for Women

New brands are always a good choice for shopping, since these are cheap and always using good materials, checkout Monia Farooqi latest catalog and see if you agree or disagree.Prices starts from 99$.

Though the brand by Monia Farooqi actually caters in ready to wear semi-formals, couture , haute and bridal wear outfits only but she has now started to launch the beautiful formals and casuals catalog as well since the starting of winter season, and this is the first catalog for her casuals and formal which she has introduced in Glam magazine 2012 September issue, the best thing about these outfits is the color combination and the background, theme chosen to shoot these photos, these points actually shows that she has got talent and as well as she knows how to display her talent to the rest of the world.


A catalog of 5 beautiful outfits catering in traditional and western casuals and formals which are best for your night and friends hangout is now available in market, though she doesn’t have much of the branches in Pakistan and in other countries as well, but the talent she has got, the day won’t be far when she will actually be having lots of customers with her name echoing everywhere in fashion industry, a beautiful catalog of silk, cotton and chiffon is now available in market on a reasonable rate.


Monia Farooqi 2012-2013 Winter women wear casuals


Designer : Monia farroqui
Model : Huma Khan
Makeup : Sabs the salon
Photography and styling : Umair Bin Nisar
Co-ordination : Umer mushtaq


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