Mehndi Designs for Hands in Party and Normal Daily Life

Eid Mehndi Designs www.She9 . 2 Mehndi Designs for Hands in Party and Normal Daily Life

Mazeeha Ziyani is a Good mehndi artist, not only for Party mehndi like Eid, and wedding but also for casual and formal designs. She is a denizen of Central Province, Matale, Sri Lanka. Her passion for Mehndi designing is innate as she was 13 when she started work on mehndi designing. Her debut onmehndi work was her own relatives and some other kith and kin. Her acumen, perfection, sleight and skillfulness in this field realized her to explore her in-born potential for this field.

The remarkable feature of Ziyani is that she did not get any formal coaching or training to perfect her skills; instead she trained herself on hit-and-trial basis. This practice further honed her already well-tuned endowment.
Eid is an event where people want to look good for celebration of this event with their friends and relatives. In this events people want to look good but this Eid event is special for girls for mehndi on Chand Raat. Girls preferred best mehndi designs for their hands to give and gorgeous look to their personality. For this propose here we are going to share you some best mehndi designs for this Eid 2011-2012.
Simplicity is best for beauty. so this floral mehndi design which is covering the hand with beautiful floral work will give attractive look to beautiful girls so named as simple mehndi designs 2011-2012
A mehndi which covers all full hand and full arm with stylish and beautiful floral and artistic work of mehndi may always best mehndi designs for Eid and parties.
It is at the apex of mehndi designing, if truth to be told. The designer has put all of her synergies into designing this remarkable mehndi style. It is a fulsome, heavy-loaded design covering where mehndi falls for designing.
This mehndi design is floral in its outlook. It moves slowly from heavily loaded stuff from arms to less loaded mehndi on hands with increasing complexity. It covers fingers too with flowery outlook.
Ziyani loves ‘mehndizing’ brides. Most of the clients from her demand for Indian styled designs which are mostly in vogue. She is confident about her own designs and challenges others in this arena. Ziyani possesses a unique style than the others. As there is variety of clients in this field so there ought to be variety of designs. Simple manipulation with a single design does not attract more people to you. She, therefore, always want to try to develop novel and innovative designs and explore more about mehndi.

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