Mahin Karim With Sana Safinaz for Her Western 2012-2013 Catalog

mahin karim 2012 2013 catalog 6 Mahin Karim With Sana Safinaz for Her Western 2012 2013 Catalog

It appears as if our designers and fashion brands of Pakistan thinks that giving half naked outfits or shooting a catalog with models interesting in displaying her body will actually increase their sales, this might not be the case for designers but the latest catalogs which are specially catering in western ready to wear outfits only gives this impression and nothing else, half naked models are displaying the outfits in public and giving it the name of fashion, well it might be common in many countries but in South Asian and specially in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India this thing is taken very seriously.


mahin karim 2012 2013 catalog 10 Mahin Karim With Sana Safinaz for Her Western 2012 2013 Catalog

Long gowns and short shirts with skirts are available from latest mahin karim’s 2012-2013 catalog.Prices starts from 150$.


New catalog outfits from Mahin Karim is actually all about these things and nothing else, short skirts and short shirts with different multi-colored outfits is launched for winter and autumn seasonal wear.Mahin Karim is a respected name in fashion industry of Pakistan, but being respected does not mean that they will be always upto your expectations, specially for some designers its not the case, Sana Sarfaz, a sexy Pakistani model whom we have seen struggling her way top to the showbiz world no matter what kind of role she gets has showcased this catalog.



The complete western wear catalog of skirts, mini shirts, gowns and frocks is shared below, this complete catalog was also featured in Sunday magazine issue of 27th August 2012, this catalog can be purchased from Karachi and Lahore in their flagship stores, the perfect catalog for those who want to expose themselves in public.



Mahin Karim 2012-2013 Western Wear Catalog of Gowns



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