Lala’s Sana and Samia 2013-2014 Women Catalog of 3 Pieces

kesa 2 and sana samia by lala 20 Lalas Sana and Samia 2013 2014 Women Catalog of 3 Pieces

After having to introduce a very beautiful and much anticipated catalog for 2013-2014 season in Kesa volume 2, the famous textile of Pakistan fashion industry which is known as Lala Textile is now again back with their latest catalog from another of their sub-brand known as Sana and Samia for their winter and fall seasonal wear, though the winter is almost over and it’s time to welcome Spring season, and that’s what Lala is all about, their new catalog of dress designs which is released a couple of days ago is now available in market.

kesa 2 and sana samia by lala 19 Lalas Sana and Samia 2013 2014 Women Catalog of 3 Pieces

Beautiful designs of 3 pieces suiting in feminine colors from Lala textile’s Sana and Samia brand in silk and cotton fabric with chiffon Dupattas and paired with pajamas is now available in market on starting price of 79$.

The catalog is all about beautiful and trendy fashion designs catering in long shirts, long frocks, turkish styled outfits, Egyptian designs and many more cultural inspired ready to wear clothing, this complete catalog comes in 3 pieces suiting and available in raw fabric and un-stitched options, though the designs ideas are all available in images which are all shared below, Lala is an international fame brand of Asian countries and as like many other brands of it’s competition this brand however is always updating their facebook page and presenting new catalogs of their formals, casuals and 3 pieces suiting every month.


This complete catalog from the brand is available on their flagship stores in Pakistan, India, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Checkout the complete catalog from the brand displayed below, these designs are available in their Sana and Samia brand flagship stores and also available some of the beautiful Kesa 2 catalog as well, so if you are up for some winter wear in casuals and want to have a unique and beautiful style than try the Black and Bold A, Turkish and Egyptian designs from Lala’s recent catalog and have fun.


Lala Textile’s Sana and Samia 2013-2014 Women Wear


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