Kuaar Women Ready to Wear 2012-2013 Casuals in Silk and Cotton

Kuaar Saraiki Dresses 2012 For Women 003 Kuaar Women Ready to Wear 2012 2013 Casuals in Silk and Cotton

There are many beautiful places to visit in Pakistan, Northern and Southern areas of Pakistan are specially famous for being enriched with natural beauty and having the perfect environmental for the summer season where you can go and spend your holidays on hill stations, beside those areas, the country side of Pakistan are also famous for their healthy environment and for perfect season of corps and well known for their desi foods, the country side of Pakistan’s cultural wear and fashion is totally different than of cities, as we all know that people in cities are always updated with new fashion trends and they are also having the influence of western culture and very much impressed with those outfits, but in countrysides the things are totally different, people there are having no influence of any culture and they are totally focused on what they wear and their traditional are totally pure and are upto the standards of Pakistan cultural wear.

Kuaar Saraiki Dresses 2012 For Women 001 Kuaar Women Ready to Wear 2012 2013 Casuals in Silk and Cotton

This is what a true themed photography is called, countryside catalog with village girl and photographed in a village of Pakistan, the perfect collection of simple outfits with beautiful designing.Prices starts from 99$.

Kuaar, the brand which is very new and just launched their first debut catalog of silk, cotton and lawn outfits has taken a bold step and introduced a catalog which no brand has ever showcased , they might have thought about it, but being professional in field, they did not bother to take a risk and this is where Kuaar the new fashion brand has taken a leap and showcased Siraiki cultural and traditional dress designs for winter and fall 2012-2013 season.


Kuaar’s latest catalog of formals and casuals is showcased below, the outfits are very simple and having a very less embellishment of embroidery and motifs work on it, since the people in countryside does not like to wear heavy embroidered and other embellished outfits, so the brand also focused on pure countryside ready to wear women clothing, the catalog is shared below and photographed in countryside of Pakistan in Bahawalpur which is also the base of siraiki peoples.


Kuaar Countryside Dress Designs 2012-2013 for Women


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