Kayseria Xmas, Prom and Valentine Dress Designs 2013-2014

kayseria winter and autumn 2012 2013 46 Kayseria Xmas, Prom and Valentine Dress Designs 2013 2014

Bareeze is a rapidly growing brand in fashion industry, the brand was established about 15 years ago when there were only a couple of known brands and thousands of small and newly established brands in Pakistan, just like many of those brands, it was also having an impression of staying for just a short time period and than vanish from the face of earth, but it seems that they outgrew the thoughts of those hating people as this brand not only took a stand but also grew their network of branches and with that they did also launched many sister fashion related products as well, the brand is currently associated with Chinyere, Rang Ja, Kayseria and Bareeze. Most of their brands are already successful in their fields and some of them are even more famous than the parent name.


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kayseria winter and autumn 2012 2013 7 Kayseria Xmas, Prom and Valentine Dress Designs 2013 2014

Kayseria magic in prints appears to be running out of magic, the catalog which they says is their best seasonal catalog is nothing but a mix-up of nudity. Prices starts from 199$.

Kayseria, the brand which only caters in easter-western outfits has recently introduced their catalog of winter and autumn seasonal wear 2012-2013 for women and girls, this brand is a very popular solo brand which is available in all major cities of Punjab, their last catalog was released in Ramadan and than after a long pause of 3 months they are now back with their winter seasonal wear, as the brand is a very huge name in fashion industry so the majority of fashion lovers expects to see something fascinating and something original but it seems that Kayseria which used to be Magic in prints is now running out of ideas and just focusing on exposing the body parts of women, their latest catalog which is released today is the proof of that.


The catalog from brand has nothing else but very dull colors, boring choices of designs and on top of that the pajamas included with their 2 pieces catalogs are somewhat looks like made of net fabric and has nothing but to show your legs naked, they might be thinking it as a new trend, but this trend is so stupid, it appears that the brand is actually forgetting why people actually love to wear eastern outfits, if they have to expose their body pats than there are many brands which does it more fashionably and more elegantly with their best western catalogs.



Kayseria 2012-2013 Eastern Outfits of  Winter 2012-2013


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