Jannat Nazir 2013-2014 Amazing Spring Prom Dresses and Date Outfits

jannat nazir amazing printed catalog 2013 22 Jannat Nazir 2013 2014 Amazing Spring Prom Dresses and Date Outfits

What can be more beautiful on a holiday or weekend other than enjoying the life, well we tell you what can be adding more fun flavors in your Sunday weekends enjoying, it’s the new catalogs of what we call the best and very beautiful fashion designs from the new rising and yet one of the best and talented fashion designers of Pakistan, as in past 3-4 months we have been noticing that digital printing and arts printing on clothing is being gaining popularity and people specially the young and aged women are actually really loving these outfits, so some brands are concentrating on these kind of outfits and providing new catalogs of such designs.

Jannat Nazir, a brand which we are all well aware of and the very first debut catalog of this brand hit hard market and all the top brands were forced to think that this brand is a threat to their business, and that’s true at some facts, well today the brand Jannat Nazir by Zahra Ahmad is once again back with their new catalog of fashion designs of spring and summer 2013-2014, this complete catalog has some fashion designs which are all inspired from different nations, Islamic, African, Egyptian and Arabian history inspired designs with beautiful traditional stitching of long shirts and gowns by Zahra Ahmad for Jannat Nazir is now available in market.

jannat nazir amazing printed catalog 2013 26 Jannat Nazir 2013 2014 Amazing Spring Prom Dresses and Date Outfits

Amazing outfits which are all embellished with digital printing and stunning embroidered patterns in all natural and amazing feminine colors for spring 2013 is now available in market. Prices starts from 99$.


The brand not only caters in beautiful luxury clothing but they are also well known for their home decorating ideas and some of their home decor items looks really impressive for your 2013 house decoration ideas released some days ago which are now available in market, the brand has their very first flagship store opened in Lahore some days ago, this complete catalog displayed below looks really impressive with gowns, shirts and paired with pajamas. Though the brand is only based in Lahore but there is nothing to worry as we do offer the international delivery and worldwide shipping to our valued interested viewers.


Jannat Nazir by Zahra Ahmad for Spring 2013-2014


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