Iqra & Zaynab Comes Winter, Formals and Gowns in Talk

designer iqra zaynab catalog of winter 8 200x200 Iqra & Zaynab Comes Winter, Formals and Gowns in Talk

Iqra & Zaynab, another fashion store of Pakistan which is based in Lahore has just released a catalog of their formals, casuals and party wear fashion designs, if we were to count the number of brands which are released everyday with their fashion catalogs, than only in Pakistan the number exceeds to more than 100, but just like in any field there are more copycats than original designers/workers, same goes here with the new fashion designer brand of Iqra & Zaynab.

Iqra and Zaynab, Could This be a Good Alternate

Iqra & zaynab is a fashion wear store of Pakistan which started in 2012, the brand till now has released more than 5 catalogs of their fashion designs which are all available in 3 and 2 pieces suiting and comes in all kind of colors selections, this fashion store is the result of efforts of 2 friends like sisters who started this brand in order to give something unique and special to their customers, well almost all the brands has the same store which follows as “we did not find anything good in market for ourselves and than we believed we can be of good choices for our customers and that’s how our brand came into being.” Now how true these stories are, this is something which the users decides over the time, but for now we believe that Iqra and Zaynab has good taste in copying other fashion stores.

designer iqra zaynab catalog of winter 11 Iqra & Zaynab Comes Winter, Formals and Gowns in Talk

A catalog made of cotton and silk fabric from Iqra & Zaynab fashion store is now available in market, the prices are good and designs are somewhat original.


The brand’s recently released catalog is kind of similar to Kanav by Suman Ali which is released a couple of days ago, these fashion wear are also gowns and frocks and the interesting thing is that their colors are also matching with the colors of Kanav fashion wear. This brand seems to claim the originality of their fashion wear, but so far what we have seen is that they are only original with their name and that’s all. Checkout their latest catalog and very first debut with not such good impression and let us know if you are interested in any of these.


Iqra & Zaynab Fashion Wear of Formals 2013


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