Hajra Hayat 2013-2014 Spring Trendy Fashion Designs for Women

Hajra Hayat Bridal Exclusive Collection 2013 3 Hajra Hayat 2013 2014 Spring Trendy Fashion Designs for Women

Bridal dressing is the most tricky part for a designer, the thing for it being so tricky is because you have to put lot of work and lot of energy and the work should be flawless, for casuals and affordable prom dresses 2013 you can make a little mistakes but when it comes to bridal wear than the outfits should be perfect and there should not be any error of any kind or else the bride might reject the dress and your whole hard work might go in vain. for these facts designers are always very careful and pays extra attention when it comes to couture and bridal ready to wear collections in Pakistan and India.

As the season of Oscar is going on in Hollywood, there is also an increased demand for couture outfits, you might wonder why in Pakistan as its going in America, well Pakistan has lots of International orders for their customers and majority of these orders goes to America, so for oscar if you have the tickets to that beautiful and wonderful event of the year and the biggest event of the year for showbiz world than you might be looking for some perfect couture designs, and if you are up for some couture suggestions than you might try Hajra Hayat’s ready to wear catalog for dress designs, she is been around since 1998 and the best thing about her brand is that she is very experience in bridal and couture designs, her catalogs are best and well known among women for bridal selections.

Hajra Hayat Bridal Exclusive Collection 2013 5 585x878 Hajra Hayat 2013 2014 Spring Trendy Fashion Designs for Women

Perfect catalog of neckline designs with long flowing frocks and Georgette dresses of motives and beautiful classy Pajamas paired in silk for Hajra Hayat couture catalog is now available in market on a starting price of 299$.


This new catalog of Georgette and silk from Hajra Hayat is released some days ago, a complete catalog of couture designs embellished with motives, stone and zari work from the brand is available on her flagship stores, though if you are wondering on how to purchase it online than we are always here to assist you on just one click away, This complete catalog of traditional couture designs would go perfect for the warming weather of America and specially in Los Angelas.


Hajra Hayat 2013-2014 Women Couture and Bridal Wear Designs


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