Gul Ahmed Eid 2013 Catalog of Casuals Wear

gul ahmed eid 2013 catalog of casuals 8 200x200 Gul Ahmed Eid 2013 Catalog of Casuals Wear

Gul Ahmed Eid 2013 catalog of beautiful Chiffon, embroidered, lawn-silk and ready to wear fashion designs of pure cotton dresses has just been released in market. Gul ahmed eid 2013 catalog is the very first Eid official catalog from any top brand of Pakistan. Gul Ahmed is household brand in Pakistan and almost every women and girl of Pakistan which has some love for fashion and loves to wear traditional and cultural fashion designs is always aware of this perfect brand. Gul ahmed ideas is the series of flagship stores in Pakistan which were started by Gul ahmed some years ago, these flagship stores of Gul Ahmed are catching up real fast in market and they are slowly taking over the stockist of Gul Ahmed lawn.

Gul ahmed Volume 3 of Lawn 2013

Now with the released of their Gul Ahmed eid 2013 catalog of ready to wear and unstithced fashion designs from Gul Ahmed, this particular catalog of fashion designs which are released below, if added with other Gul ahmed 2013 albums than we can see that the brand has already released more than 3 catalogs for their 2013-2014 ready to wear clothing. This catalog has 4 sub-catalogs. Out of these 4 each and every catalog has their own unique characteristics, some of these fashion wear are made of pure chiffon, than some comes with lawn-silk and than there is a complete catalog which has only embroidered lawn, swiss lawn and linen fabric outfits.

gul ahmed eid 2013 catalog of casuals 40 Gul Ahmed Eid 2013 Catalog of Casuals Wear

Though the whole catalog has some really amazing styles, but the one with highlights are the one with most demands. Gul Ahmed eid 2013 catalog is available in more than 300 locations of Pakistan.



This complete catalog which is displayed below comes only in exclusive colors options, there are not colors variations and all of these fashion wear are available in Fabric only options, so if you are looking for stitched options than that’s not possible with these Gul Ahmed eid 2013 ready to wear outfits. Though you can purchase the design along with the fashion wear of Gul Ahmed eid 2013 catalog and than have those stitched in far cheaper price than Gul Ahmed tailors in your local market. Should you be interested in inquiring more or willing to know where and when these new arrivals will be for Gul Ahmed Eid 2013 catalog than the list of stores are mentioned in catalog posted below, other than in Pakistan you can get these fashion wear from USA, America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Hong Kong.


Gul Ahmed Eid 2013 Fashion Wear of Formals


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