Gul Ahmed 2012-2013 Winter Wear Catalog for Women and Girls

I hope you are all ready to for the grand finale and grand seasonal wear 2012-2013 winter catalog from the top brand of Pakistan fashion industry, well you might have guessed it till now and if you did not than we can give you hints about it, the brand which caters in most type of outfits in traditional, western and cultural wear which no brand has done till now, a brand which is associated with millions of customers satisfied reviews and have their branches in more than 20 countries worldwide.This brand has till now provided following huge success catalogs of ready to wear outfits which are known as Chantilly de Chiffon, De Collection, printed chiffon, cotton silk, digital silk, embroidered cambric, printed cambric, Fleur de Chiffon, Embroidered Karandi, normal printed cambric and single print cambric. 

gul ahme winter 2012 2013 casuals and formals 75 Gul Ahmed 2012 2013 Winter Wear Catalog for Women and Girls

Sleeveless, full sleeves, beautifully embellished with embroidered sleeves, computerized patterns, the complete catalog is available in all leading stores.Prices starts from 15$.


You might have guessed it till now and if you did not than we can let you know that the brand is known as Gul Ahmed, one of Pakistan’s premier brand for ready to wear fashionable clothing catering in women, men and kids ready to wear stitched and un-stitched outfits, Gul Ahmed’s latest catalog is a huge list of ready to wear frocks, shirts, traditional kurtis, kaftans and all type of outfits which a women like and looks in different brands for these outfits, a huge catalog of 3 pieces suiting is launched couple of days ago which is already available in market for your purchase.


A complete catalog of 90 outfits from Gul ahmed 2012-2013 casuals, formals and semi-formals is uploaded below, gul Ahmed’s latest catalog is till now the largest readymade outfits catalog introduced by any brand after Ittehad’s summer spring catalog, in April 2012 Ittehad had introduced 200 outfits catalog with 2 colors variations and now Gul Ahmed has come forwards with their latest formals catalog which has 3 colors variations, the catalog is available in all leading stores, stockist around the world and all the flagship stores of Gul Ahmed, beside being in Pakistan you can purchase these outfits from America, Canada, Hong Kong, UAE, India, Singapore, UAE and Uk.All the details of embellishment, work done on outfit with the complete 3 pieces suite price un-stitched is given in images below, should you have any concerns and questions you can always leave comments below or contact us for any other questions and queries.



Gul Ahmed 2012-2013 Ready to Wear Winter Catalog



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