Gowns and Maxi Dress Designs 2012-2013 by Sundus Nawaz

Mosaic By Sundus Nawaz Winter Collection 2012 For Women 007 Gowns and Maxi Dress Designs 2012 2013 by Sundus Nawaz

Some days ago Mosaic by sundus nawaz presented their latest catalog of casuals, formals and ready to wear party dress designs for women and young girls of Pakistan, this catalog is perfect for those who like to wear traditional dresses with a mix up of modernity in it.This catalog from Sundus Nawaz which is released a couple of days ago is now available in market for the brand’s winter and autumn seasonal wear, beautiful long frocks and long shirts which are knee height with beautiful churidars and pajamas is now available in market under the brand’s name.


Mosaic By Sundus Nawaz Winter Collection 2012 For Women 006 Gowns and Maxi Dress Designs 2012 2013 by Sundus Nawaz

A beautiful catalog of heavily embroidered dresses made in shape of long frocks and long farshas is now available from Mosaic by Sundus Nawarz. Prices starts form 99$.

Masaic by Sundus Nawaz is not a popular brand, this brand is still new and for being new they are doing their best to get it delivered the best results for the fashion lovers, so far they have been successive in making the unique and trendy designs and not sure how long they can keep up, last catalog from Mosaic was also good but not as good as their customers were expecting, this time Sundus Nawaz did bring farsha types casuals and formals which are looking good with bordered embroidered and beautiful embellishment of net fabric and neck designs with different color combinations.


This winter catalog of silk and cotton dresses from Sundus Nawaz is now available in stores, all of her flagship stores in Pakistan has this catalog, beside that you can also get this catalog from famous countries where their stockist are available in UAE, Saudi Arabia and America, checkout the complete catalog of casuals and formals from Mosaic for winter wear and update us with any questions and query you might have.


Mosaic by Sundus Nawaz 2012-2013 Winter and Autumn Catalog


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