Ghani Textile Mills 2013-2014 Catalog of Formals and Casuals

ghani textile mills 2013 2014 winter dresses 20 Ghani Textile Mills 2013 2014 Catalog of Formals and Casuals

Ghani textile is a very popular textile mills in Pakistan fashion industry, this brand has been around for quit sometime now, they were used to be only wholesale brand but than when they saw a great opportunity in retail business than they started their another venture called Ghani textile and main brand was actually renamed to Ghani Kaka Textile Karachi, now these 2 brands are currently catering in fabric only and ready to wear stitched catalog for both women and young girls in Pakistan, India, UAE and Bangladesh.

Ghani textile’s most recent catalog is now available in market, they have another catalog prepared for their winter and autumn season which would be coming shortly, this new catalog which has some pictures available on facebook page of the designer brand is called Kurtis catalog 2013-2014 from Ghani textile, the kurtis are very stylish which seems to be a mix up of beautiful gowns stitched in kurti style while the other catalog has nothing else but some casuals, formals and bridal dresses which were released some weeks ago from Ghani textile, looking at the catalog of brand’s new winter selections we are very much impressed, it’s not daily that you get to see something so stylish and beautiful, a true magic with colors which not only impresses the customers but also give them a whole new look to their formal and ready to wear clothing.

ghani textile mills 2013 2014 winter dresses 35 Ghani Textile Mills 2013 2014 Catalog of Formals and Casuals

Beautiful velvet, Khaddar, karandi with silk combination and embellished with motifs and stone work from front, a complete solution to your formals and casuals from Ghani textile mills. Prices starts fro m169$.

This complete catalog from Ghani textile is available on their flagship stores, their stockist around the world and online on their facebook page and website, now the outfits which are made of silk and cotton are actually coming in 4 pieces suiting with some very cool and beautiful colors variations, checkout this complete catalog of beautiful designer wear from Ghani textile for your winter and autumn seasonal wear and update us with any comments or questions for your purchase or regarding the fabric and material of outfits.



Ghani Kaka Textile Mills 2013-2014 Ready to Wear Bridals, Casuals and Formals


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