Generation Eid and Mid-Summer Ready to Wear Traditional Dresses

Generation LookBook Eid Dresses Collection 2012 For Women 9 Generation Eid and Mid Summer Ready to Wear Traditional Dresses

Gerantion in starting was just a small shop and they were not sure if they will even survive 2 or may be 3 seasons of this fashion world back in 1983 when they had first introduced their lawn and chiffon collection of Summer and EID dresses, but as we all know that hard work is the key to success, so they were determined to what they wanted and how to achieve it, and now after 30 years they are one of the most demanded brand of Pakistan fashion industry which not only caters in casuals and formals but also have their own line of couture and bridal wear collection.



Generation LookBook Eid mid summer Dresses Collection 2012 For Women 1 Generation Eid and Mid Summer Ready to Wear Traditional Dresses

Long frocks, punjabi kurtis, A-line shirts are the outfits in Generations new catalog for EID.These outfits are all sleeveless and embroidered around neck and on borders of shirts and frocks.Prices starts from 100$.

Generation Girl is the sub brand of Generation which only caters in ready to wear girls and ladies lawn and chiffon dresses collection, they also introduced silk, Georgette and other fabric collections as well, but the main focus is lawn since this fabric is cheap, can be adjusted with any outfits and it gives the smoothness and lightness in dresses which no other fabric can give.



The complete catalog from generation summer and EID dresses collection is shared below, they have introduced 9 beautiful traditional and classic dresses which caters in frocks, Kurtiz, Punjabi suits, all of these are sleeveless outfits but sleeves can be available on extra cost, other extras like embroidered borders, full sleeves, half sleeves, different neck designs can also be arranged on customers request, the complete catalog is on sale in all of their flagship stores mostly in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad. But if you want to have it online than you can always use the online order option and get it delivered to you.



Generation Girls 2012-2013 Lawn and Chiffon dresses for EID




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