Firdous Clothes Mills Amazing Easter and Prom 2013-2014 Fashion Designs

firdous lawn dresses and home textile designs 10 Firdous Clothes Mills Amazing Easter and Prom 2013 2014 Fashion Designs

How’s everyone’s shopping going for the season of summer and spring, well in some countries the season is still pretty much cold but in majority of the world countries the season has changed and it’s now either spring or in Middle east countries it has already changed to Summer, but how about people living in those countries where there is still cold and snowfalling is still going on, well we hope that they enjoy these last days of winter which than will come after long break.

For the season of spring and summer we have already shared lots of fashion designs and still we believe that there is lots and lots more to come, as many big names haven’t joined the competition yet and without those brands this is no fun, yes we are talking about Gul ahmed, Nomi Ansari, Deepak Parwani, Umar Sayeed and many more which are the heart and soul of this eastern fashion world, today we have this week’s best catalog available for you all, after waiting for more than 2 and half month we are finally back with the amazing Firoud lawn catalog of their very first 2013 seasonal wear, Firdous is one of those brands which are in top 10 for their casuals, formals and bridal wear collections, the brand which initially in 1970 started as a small textile mills for their casuals wear is now catering in more than 5 categories of fashion accessories which are Loose Fabric, Home Textile,Apparel,Men-Women Footwear,Clutches/Bags.

firdous lawn dresses and home textile designs 32 Firdous Clothes Mills Amazing Easter and Prom 2013 2014 Fashion Designs

Beautifully designed amazing hand crafted bridal footwear with clutches of matching color and lawn combined with cotton for summer is now available from Firdous Clothes mills starting from 99$.


A new catalog of their bridal footwear, clutches and casuals footwear with amazing women fashion designs of lawn and cotton is now available in market, the brand is one of those brands from Pakistan and India which are actually not only successful in their market but are also a huge hit on internet, their facebook page gives them more consumers than they locally get, this complete catalog is now available on their flagship stores in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Mandi Baha-ud-dn, Bahwalpur and Rawalpindi, beside these cities in Pakistan the brand also available in many international locations such as in America, Canada, UAE, UK and Singapore, so if you are moved with any of these outfits than don’t hold back and grab your favorite piece of design as Firdous tend to be sold out real quick.


Firdous 2013-2014 Fashion Designs of Summer and Spring for Women


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  1. If I want buy suit how come I proceed

  2. sunita bansal says:

    Firdaus and Gul Ahmed lawn collection is good

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    Love The kaftans¡¡ where can I buy them?

  4. Asha says:

    Do u hav a shop in Dubai

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    From whr can I buy this

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