Fashion Designs 2013-2014 for Women and Girls by Patchwork

patch work 2013 2014 spring winter fashion designs 1 Fashion Designs 2013 2014 for Women and Girls by Patchwork

One thing is certain in fashion world, and that is the designers are never actually been able to rest for the rest of their fashion career, as we have seen that daily hundreds of new dress designs are actually introduced in market and majority of these designs are actually presented by some old fashion brands which are very popular among the women, men and kids for their trendy and amazing catalogs of formals, casuals, seasonal and occasional wear.

But among these catalogs there comes many new brands which just take out the space of our website and time of our valued viewers, though we are well aware that such brands are never having any attention from consumers due to the lack of creativity and unique ideas but still to encourage such brands we are time by time introducing those brands casuals and formals wear, Today we have such brand which started their fashion career back in 2012, the brand is based in Karachi and like some new fashion brands they are still looking for perfect place to open their studio and flagship stores.

patch work 2013 2014 spring winter fashion designs 2 Fashion Designs 2013 2014 for Women and Girls by Patchwork

Amazing neck designs with printed and beautiful fashion wear embellished with hand crafted and digital printing on border and comes in full sleeves options, prices starts from 39$.


Patch work is a new fashion brand which caters in casuals and ready to wear dress designs for women and girls of Pakistan fashion industry, this is the debut catalog album of brand which is released some days ago and uploaded in this post, this complete catalog comes in the option of beautiful and funky colors which are all embellished with neck designs 2013-2014 and have some very funky and really nice color combination, though the brand’s designer looks good with color selections but she is still too naive to point out the difference of current and old fashion in Pakistan fashion industry, this complete catalog is only available on orders and as she doesn’t have any flagship store so it does not matter where you live, you will have to book your order online and than have these outfits delivered to you anywhere in world no matter if it’s America, Canada, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia or even India.


Fashion Designs of Spring 2013 by Patch Work


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