Exclusive Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2012-2013

This brand name does not need an introduction,as everyone who knows a little bit about lawn collection and who has a tiniest knowledge of fashion knows about the importance of this name in fashion industry,yes we are talking about Gul Ahmad Exclusive Lawn Collection 2012.These designs which have been showed in Paksitan fashion show recently in March and also displayed in their outlets are ready to shipped all around the world for lawn lovers.

Gul Ahmad lawn collection 2012 is all about gloomy colours with high contrast and eye-catching combination of colours. These designs are covering the women of Pakistan of all ages,no matter if you are young or in your middle ages,Gul Ahmad like always got something special waiting for you in your casual wear,party wear or even in weddings and EID occasions.

Check out our Brand new and exclusive collection of Gul Ahmed Dresses

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