Ego 2013-2014 Women Ready to Wear Casuals and Dress Designs

ego embroidered 2013 2014 women designs 9 300x300 Ego 2013 2014 Women Ready to Wear Casuals and Dress Designs

Fashion designers some years ago from today only used to introduce their catalogs of formals, party, bridal, pret or even casuals and there was nothing special in those catalogs, these used to be some beautiful, modern and funky dresses that  were the center of attention for thousands and millions of women, men, kids and girls of all ages. But now with the passage of time and with revolution of things in every field and everywhere, they have actually gone more creative or shall we say more formals with their designs of dresses and other fashion accessories, now the Pakistani fashion designers are actually naming their outfits instead of just uploading them or showing them in their fashion magazines catalogs.

Ego, a very popular and famous Pakistani fashion brand which has more than half a million fans on facebook and thousands of satisfied customers in Pakistan and more around the world has just released their another catalog of trendy fashion designs, a catalog which consist of modern designs and embellished with motives, frocks, embroidered silk and cotton shirts and paired with pajamas is now available in market.Ego as being a top brand of Pakistan and one of the pride brand in fashion industry is always creating something unique, now they have gone ahead and naming their outfits with something like combat, stargazzer, satrangee and so on, well the designs are all same as they used to be but the only thing about them is the names which is new.

ego embroidered 2013 2014 women designs 5 Ego 2013 2014 Women Ready to Wear Casuals and Dress Designs

Inspired by different cultural wear and has a very good taste in vibrant and sober colors for women stitched catalog, Ego once again has come forward with their trendy catalog of casuals on a whooping price of 59$.

This complete catalog of formals and trendy casuals from Ego is now available in market which has a very good starting price, the brand has lots of flagship stores in Pakistan and for international customers they only have the option of ordering it online, this complete catalog comes in 3-4 colors variations and has it available nationwide, so checkout the catalog and update us if you are interested in any of these cape or long shirts designs.


Ego 2013-2014 Women Dress Designs of Casuals


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