Dress Designs for Prom by QnH 2013

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Qnh is a fashion brand which has been with us for more than 5 years now. The brand which is now known for their dress designs from prom has just recently released their catalog of summer 2013-2014 fashion designs. Dress Designs for prom has always been a hard and sometime almost impossible target for young girls, as we all know that this perfect and beautiful night which brings so many memories with it should always be memorable. So to make this prom night more wonderful girls always look for something stylish and unique for their clothing. Dress Designs for Prom is something which every brand claim to cater in but actually a very few of these brands can actually provide you with something stylish and unique for this regards.

qnh fashion designs for summer 2013 15 Dress Designs for Prom by QnH 2013

Their pretline and formals are the perfect choice for eastern dress designs for prom which comes in single and 3 pieces suiting and available in designer wear options. Prices however starts from 199$.

QnH has always been known for their casuals, but their formals are the perfect dress designs for prom. The brand’s latest catalog of Angharka, kurtis, embroidered peach suits, beautiful mango fashion designs and not to mention the perfect yellow style is now available in stores. QnH even though is a very popular and famous brand but their lack of updates makes them fall behind the unwanted brands. After the huge success of their winter 2012 catalog of casuals wear, the brand just surfaced with their new fashion designs about a week ago.


This complete catalog displayed below comes in 3 pieces suiting, beautiful dress designs for prom which brand claim to provide in designer wear options are now sold online and in their flagship stores. This complete catalog is the perfect choice for senior prom, though for junior prom you can always checkout the latest catalog of Breakout. These fashion designs are all made of linen, cotton and chiffon dresses which are paired with krinkle dupattas. Checkout the catalog and let us know if you are interested in any of these fashion wear.


Dress Designs for Prom 2013


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