Dicha 2013-2014 Women Spring and Summer Dresses

long shirts 2013 2014 designs by dicha spring catalog 10 Dicha 2013 2014 Women Spring and Summer Dresses

The best thing about a debut catalog is that the brand would actually do their very best and put all their efforts and creations in creating their very first catalog, just like a cricketer or even a footballer would do their best to make it to the next round in the debut match of his career as the future decision would depend on his very first match and likewise a brand would do all the way in for their future in their debut catalog.

Talking about debut catalogs and new fresh brands we have today a new and emerging brand of Pakistan fashion industry which has been around since the start of 2013 year, though the brand is 2 months old but this is the very first catalog of brand which is released some days ago, the brand is known as Dicha and caters in casuals wear, we were not able to get any information about the brand other than of their outfits and that’s all we have shared over here, the brand has released their very first catalog of kurtis designs which are perfect for young girls and aged women who are looking for sober and vibrant designs at sametime, this complete catalog of brand which consist of some beautiful and trendy fashion designs in Kurtis and paired with pajamas is available in market on a very good discounted rates.

long shirts 2013 2014 designs by dicha spring catalog 12 Dicha 2013 2014 Women Spring and Summer Dresses

Dicha would be the new trend setter for 2013-2014 spring season with their kurtis embellished with embroidered neck designs and perfect for your casuals wear. Prices starts fom 39$.

As being a debut album, the brand is offering some really good fashion designs and good discounted rates to make you a returning customers. This catalogue of kurtis which is paired with pajamas comes in single pieces suiting, though the material used is cotton but the embroidered patterns and sleeves of net looks really good on selected designs, beside that you can also have these outfits if you are up for some fresh and neat casuals for your spring and summer 2013 clothing.So hurry up and grab your piece of Kurtis before these runs out.


Kurtis 2013-2014 Debut Catalog by Dicha


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