Deepak Parwani by Orient Textile for Women and Girls 2013-2014

deepak parwani 2013 2014 summer wear 14 Deepak Parwani by Orient Textile for Women and Girls 2013 2014

In every business if you are willing to make it to the top and you don’t have that much resources to make it alone than you must join hands with someone else who has not only got resources but has name in that field so that things can be easy and quick for you and you can achieve your goal in less time than you would actually take struggling all by yourself. In fashion world solo designer brands which actually start their fashion brands are usually end up either taking too much time to be recognized or just being a small brand and stay as small for the rest of their lives.

Deepak Parwani, the amazing and most renowned brand of Pakistan fashion industry which started his career as a designer in 2011 is now one of the shining star which provides all kind of ready to wear solutions for women clothing. Deepak Parwani is seen in all major fashion shows with his formals and bridal wear catalogs, the brand is currently associated with Orient textile and making really good impression on the women of Pakistan and Indian fashion world.

deepak parwani 2013 2014 summer wear 34 Deepak Parwani by Orient Textile for Women and Girls 2013 2014

Not only the designs are beautiful and nature inspired but the models which displayed the catalog looks more beautiful in these designs, a complete catalog of perfect solution which starts from 59$ for clothing from designer brand.


Though he is one of the brightest in Pakistan fashion industry but still he lacks the updates which used to be his key moves back in 2012, it has been a quarter passed for the year 2013 and still we haven’t seen anything notable from the brand till now, he just released a complete seasonal catalog of casuals wear made of lawn and chiffon dresses which are now available in market in printed and embroidered 3 pieces suiting, this is the first time we have actually seen a huge update from his brand for one seasonal wear, though he has been doing some good stuff in past but there has never been such a huge catalog for women ready to wear and un-stitched clothing from the brand, checkout his complete catalog of seasonal wear which are now available in Pakistan on selected flagship stores of Deepak Parwani and also on all major retailers and stockist.


Deepak Parwani 2013-2014 Summer and Spring Wear for Women


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