Daaman Latest Winter Catalog for Women and Young Girls

daaman 2012 2013 women ready to wear 9 Daaman Latest Winter Catalog for Women and Young Girls

Daaman is a very active and fashionable brand which caters mostly in all kind of ready to wear and couture dress designs, the brand has been around for quit some years now and during this time period they have introduced more then 50 catalogs of ready to wear women clothing, you might be wondering how could that be possible since there are only 4 season in a year and if a brand even introduced 2 catalogs for a season than still it won;t be that much high, but this brand is the only brand which we have seen launching some bi-monthly catalogs of ready to wear outfits as well, yes 2 catalogs of women clothing in a month for 2012-2013.

daaman 2012 2013 women ready to wear 4 Daaman Latest Winter Catalog for Women and Young Girls

Maron, Yellow, Borwn, White, Black and all the major feminine attraction colors with the beautiful and bold styles are now available from Daaman.Prices starts from 49$.

A new catalog and their very first catalog of casuals and formals for women clothing is been introduced a couple of days ago from Daaman, the brand’s latest catalog just like always is all about traditional and custom ready to wear outfits which are all made of silk and cotton fabric, long frocks are their signature outfits which they do introduces in all of their catalogs, along with long frocks and maxi they have this time brought to us some very stylish kurtis, long shirts and western tights which are all embellished with plain patterns, linen work and trimming styles around the sleeves and borders.


A catalog catering in the latest designs for women ready to wears is shared below, beautiful outfits which are perfect for your pocket and also for your winter wear are now available in market, these outfits are available in more than 20 branches of Daaman which are available in Pakistan, India, UAE, Hong Kong, UK and America.Checkout this complete catalog and let us know what you think of it.


Daaman 2012-2013 Women Dress Designs for Winter


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