Casual Beach Dresses Collection with Vaneeza Ahmed 2012-2013

Casual Wear www.She9 5 Casual Beach Dresses Collection with Vaneeza Ahmed 2012 2013

With the influx of on-trend styles in clothing, it is often easy to lose sight of what is the most basic element of any great outfit – draping. Sonya Battla works with neutrals and mostly unembellished fabrics in this collection and focuses solely on how it drapes and falls around the body. Be it a curve-hugging simple black dress or a long, candy-striped skirt; the eye is drawn to the way the material almost seem to swish around the body in whispers of delicate chiffon and barely-there color. Where black folds snugly in one dress, it layers and rustles in a chiffon avatar elsewhere, whites gather around the waist and stream down to the ankles. Simply doesn’t get more sensuous than this.  (Instep Magazine) Model Vaneeza Ahmed.

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