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What is Sadness and Loneliness? well its the best companion one can have when they are alone, Loneliness and sadness are very close friends.Tanhai, Udassi, and gham (Roman Urdu Words ), these are the stuff which everyone must have in their life, there is a famous saying( i am not sure of which language so i will skip the reference),


Happiness has a place (home),while sadness have no home

Some of you might think what am I talking about,so let me explain,there are somewhat fix occasions and times when someone feel happy or is so generous that they forget about pain,loneliness in their life, but these occasions are very rare. While in other hand in our life we get so many painful occasions, if we take average of those pains,its like we get 1 sadness and painful thought or painful talk from someone once in a day.


So here me and my friends have gathered to celebrate that alone sad occasions of life,and posted a beautiful alone girls,alone boys, sad girls, sad boys and girls, sad lovers,udass boys and girls, udass lovers, udass, pain, tanha, and alone people pictures.


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