Beautiful Girls, K@ll Girls, Pakistani Indian Girls Mobile Numbers 2014

Today actually while reading some online newspapers we were taken to a page which had it advertised like this “Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers, Latest Jazz, Ufone, Telenor and Warid Girls Mobiles Numbers“, well on opening that page what we saw was some girls photos with some mentioned numbers and their addresses of email with some other information regarding them.Well, we are not sure if these were actually true or just some random numbers with some random photos to actually make a fool out of people and than have them think that these are actual girls, but what made us sad is that where is this Pakistani nation actually going, young generation is so crazy about these meaningless stuff that they are actually going far away from their main aim.

While doing some research it has come to attention that only in Karachi and Lahore, there have been more than 150,000 registered searches for Pakistani girls mobiles, girls mobile numbers, sexy girls numbers, free k@ll girls numbers.It seems that people have nothing else but to sit on internet and find these useless stuff. This country is already suffering from major disasters of natural and political reason and now on top of that our young generation has nothing else to do but just surf internet to find their so called soul mate with whom they can actually talk about s#x and waste their time after them.

girl mobile number Beautiful Girls, K@ll Girls, Pakistani Indian Girls Mobile Numbers 2014

Young girls mobile numbers from all cities is what these websites offers and asks you to either subscribe or just send them some balamce.

This is year 2013 and everyone is actually struggling to make their ways out of rescission,criticism,disasters and what not, but all we actually ever do if either criticize the politics, government or just sit on internet and find s#% partners.


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