Ayesha-Somaya 2013-2014 Formals, Casuals and Party Wear

ayesha somaya 2013 2014 fashion designs of casuals 7 Ayesha Somaya 2013 2014 Formals, Casuals and Party Wear

There are a couple of duo designer brands in Pakistan fashion industry which are not only known for their exquisite designing and beautiful stylish catalogs but these brands are also very popular for their trendy and modern fashion styles as well, Sana Safinaz is the main example of such beautiful and popular fashion brand and than there are a couple more new fashion brands, but after Sana Safinaz there is another very beautiful and very stylish brand which is also based on 2 duo fashion designer who are not only friends but also a very successful brand runner as well.

Ayesh-somaya is the brand which run by 2 house wives Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan, the brand caters in all kind of casuals, formals, party and bridal wear dresses and the best thing is their luxury outfits catalogs which are all perfect for special occasions, the brand has just released a very beautiful catalog of their seasonal and formal clothing, as being a popular Pakistani fashion brand they are well aware of what customers needs and how to satisfy them, the brand started their fashion journey a couple of years ago and now they are one of the best designer brands in Pakistan and Indian fashion industry.

ayesha somaya 2013 2014 fashion designs of casuals 10 Ayesha Somaya 2013 2014 Formals, Casuals and Party Wear

Well known for their luxury formals and pret designs with haute, couture and cocktail gowns from casuals to bridal wear, Ayesha-somaya is the brand which has the solution of your all fashion designs. Prices starts for casuals from 39$.


A complete catalog which is displayed below from the brand is released for their spring and summer seasonal wear, they only have their flagship store in DHA Karachi and their studio is also based in Karachi, for the rest of the Pakistan and world they do only provide online order and delivery options, recently Ayesha-Somaya held an exhibition of their dresses for spring and summer, this Exhibition will be held in 3 phases which will be done separately in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, a complete catalog of their fashion designs is displayed below, beautiful designs which all comes in 2 different colors variations and perfect for your casuals and traditional ready to wear solutions.


Ayesha-Somaya 2013-2014 Spring Formals and Casuals


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