Ayesha Farook HAshwani Catalog in London, Newyork, Karachi, Honkong

ayesha farook hashwani 2012 2013 6 Ayesha Farook HAshwani Catalog in London, Newyork, Karachi, Honkong

Ayesha Farooq Hashwani aka AFH, the brand which is the top notch brand for a single and solo designer is now ready to present you the latest catalog of winter and pre-fall 2012-2013 season, the new catalog from AFH is all about the mix up of traditional, cultural and western American outfits brought into one catalog, stitched in a way that you will just say WOW when you see the catalog, a very simple and short yet very descriptive and impressive catalog from AFH is introduced couple of days ago, all of the outfits in this catalog are impressive with perfect designing of modern fashion,as we all know that this brand is well known for women only styling and always been the top 10 choice for women of traditional and desi dresses lovers.

ayesha farook hashwani 2012 2013 4 Ayesha Farook HAshwani Catalog in London, Newyork, Karachi, Honkong

A perfect catalog for western lovers in Londong, dubai, HongKong, and Newyork is introduced for winter wear 2012-2013 by AFH.Prices starts from 199$.


Winter fashionable catalog from AFH is shared below, these outfits which are perfect for semi-formals and party wear are now available worldwide on her stockist retail shops and as well as on her flagship stores which are available nationwide, though the collection of outfits are impressive and very beautiful but it seems as a very little amount of audience is interested in this catalog as compare to the previous formals and casuals catalog for summer season 2012-2013 which was introduced by her in April 2012, though she is a talented designer but sometime people are tend to try new brands as compare to the old one, as they are very price conscious and knows it well that getting something unique in a good price is not a bad bargain.


A complete seasonal catalog from AFH is shared below, you can download any outfit you want for your inspection, all the dresses have heavy embroidery, printed silk, computerized embellishment of beautiful neck designs and neckline has laces work done, loose and sleeveless borders looks beautiful on this catalog.



Ayesha Farook Hashwani 2012-2013 Winter Semi-formals Catalog



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