Asim Jofa Formals, Raw Silk 2014 Catalog Fashion Wear

Are you ready for one of the best seasonal wear dresses from one of the most talented and yet youngest designer of Pakistan, the brand which started just 3 years ago is currently on top list of Pakistan fashion wear brands and yes almost each and every one who has been a fan of Pakistani fashion wear is always aware of this brand. The brand which is known as Asim Jofa and available in leading stores of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UK and America has just released their latest catalog of raw silk fashion designs which comes in stitched formals wear clothing solutions.

asim jofa designer wear silk cotton 8 Asim Jofa Formals, Raw Silk 2014 Catalog Fashion Wear

Impressive fashion designs, long shirts, beautiful frocks are the choices of Asim Jofa raw silk catalog available in stitched formals wear.


Asim Jofa is a brand which we all happen to know as one of the trendy and amazing fashion brand of Pakistan, they started their fashion journey back in 2010 and currently he is one of the leading designer of Pakistan. Recently Asim Jofa released his catalog of casuals and trendy formals wear, seen only twice in a year, Asim Jofa makes quit a fabulous name for himself. He has been one of the prominent and most successful designer of 2013 in Pakistan.This complete catalog of formals wear in Silk fashion designs is now available at all leading stores, flagship stores and stockist of Asim Jofa, checkout the catalog displayed below and let us know if you are inspired from any of these.


Asim Jofa Formals Wear 2014 of Silk and Cotton


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