Al-Karam by Umar Sayeed 2013-2014 for Formals and Party Wear

umar sayeed 2013 2014 designs of formals 1 Al Karam by Umar Sayeed 2013 2014 for Formals and Party Wear

So far the best catalog of our 2013-2014 season was from Shamaeel Ansari for her western wear designs which are all made of silk and cotton and beautifully embellished with unique and stylish zari and zardozi designs for winter and fall seasonal wear, well as we all know that with the passage of time designer’s minds and their creations changes and just like varying modes of a human nature, designers also tend to change their minds and their mods for beautiful dress catalogs, sometime they would be introducing dark colors selections for spring and and fall season and than just after a month they would be coming with vibrant and beautiful colors catalog for same season.

Well there are some brands which are so expert with what they do that it becomes hard for someone to actually know how can they define their selections and their mods, Umar Sayeed, the famous Pakistani fashion designer and fashion brand owner which is known as House of Umar Sayeed has recently introduced his most recent catalog of party wear dress designs, as being one of the most loved brand in Pakistan and Indian fashion industry, he knows very well that he must provide unique and stylish designs to keep up with his fans and you will be amazed that his latest formals and party wear catalog is no less than of top class brand.

umar sayeed 2013 2014 designs of formals 18 Al Karam by Umar Sayeed 2013 2014 for Formals and Party Wear

Umar Sayeed by Al-karam Lawn has brought another wonder of wonder catalog for formal party and functions designs which consist of beautiful and trendy traditional designer wear starting from 199$.

A complete seasonal wear featuring sexy models of Pakistan fashion industry for umar Sayeed is now available in market, he is a brand which is affiliated with Al-karam studio and that’s why he has more than 200 branches sorted out in all major and minor cities of Pakistan, checkout his complete catalog which is shared below and let us know if you are interested in any of these, a complete seasonal wear made of Silk and Cotton with beautiful georgette embellishment around the shirts would be a perfect match for your taste in winter and fall.


Umar Sayeed 2013-2014 Winter and Fall Seasonal Formal Designs


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