Best 2013-2014 Farsha, Abaya and Jilbab Designs for Women and Girls

Coty’s Winter Abayas Collection 2012 2013 For Women 0013 Best 2013 2014 Farsha, Abaya and Jilbab Designs for Women and Girls

Well it has been quit sometime since we last introduced to our valued viewers with the latest catalog of Abayas, we know that most of our viewers are always looking for something funky and something stylish whenever they come to site and we do our best to give them what they are looking for, since majority of them is actually Muslims, so they are also looking for Abayas and Farshas which should keep their fashion pace and also make them look more fabulous and beautiful. We all know that importance of Abayas in a women of Pakistan and Muslim country and that’s why after a long pause, we are here with the best seasonal catalog of abayas for women of Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

Arabian countries in fashion are world known for 2 things, one is their mehndi designs and the second thing is the Abayas and farshas for women which they time by time release, Cotty is a very famous brand in it, the brand which is based in Karachi and also has their branches in UAE and Saudi Arabia has just released their latest catalog of Abayas and Farshas for women and girls of Pakistan and UAE industry, the brand which is known for their beautiful pret, casuals, formals and party wear has also released their winter catalog of Abayas, these Arabian designs of Abayas which are all available in black colors with sequence and laces work around the whole abaya design is now available in market.

Coty’s Winter Abayas Collection 2012 2013 For Women 009 Best 2013 2014 Farsha, Abaya and Jilbab Designs for Women and Girls

Beautiful scarves and veils with perfectly stitched long sequence work abayas embellished with motifs and stripped sleeves is now available from cotty’s brand. Prices starts from 89$.

Cotty;s catalog of abayas consist a very long designer wear for women and girls, not only that these Abayas are beautiful but they look absolutely stunning with a little bit of laces and embroidery touch, this complete catalog which we have shared below is available on their flagship store in Karachi and UAE. Sexy Pakistani model Nisa Jabei is the one whom you can see in picture, Meejay’s is the photo studio which has taken the photoshot of these beautiful abayas. Checkout the complete catalog of designer best abayas from Cotty’s and get in style this winter.


Cotty’s Catalog of Beautiful Farshas and Abayas for 2013-2014


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    I would like to buy for wholesale.can you do this?

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    i want to buy this who i can?

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    plz reply me on my email ang give your phone number also..

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    i am Muhammad haris from Pakistan we are exporting ABAYAS and THOBE in cheap price of high quality and we also make clothes if you give us or sample of clothes of your choice we can make similar design in cheap price of high quality contact +923323768889 ,

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