Best 2013-2014 Abayas Catalog for Women of Pakistan and India

Abayas are not only the religious icons for jews and Muslims but these are also a sybmol of tradition in many cultures and people in different nation and from different religions somehow keep themselves attached to this beautiful fashion accessory, Abayas now a days are not as dull and boring as they used to be in our ancestors and our forefathers times, now this beautiful accessory has develop way more than you can actually imagine, there has been lots of beautiful and trendy catalogs shared on our site from many Arabian, Pakistani and Indian designers for the season 2012-2013.

Today we have brought you a catalog of beautiful and very fashionable abayas from the top brand of Karachi market, this brand is someway affiliated with Al-karam studio and they are being known internationally for their trendy abayas, the store has been providing some of the best seasonal and formal Abayas for the women and girls of Pakistan fashion industry, Qadri Karachi Abayas store is the one which we are talking about, they have just released their latest catalog of abayas for 2013-2014 season and all of them are looking absolutely stunning in traditional and funky colors of red, brown and black.

abayas 2013 2014 for women and girls 7 Best 2013 2014 Abayas Catalog for Women of Pakistan and India

Beautiful and long farsha styled abayas from the top brand of Pakistan fashion industry known as Qadri Abayas has released a beautiful 2013-2014 catalog for women and girls. Prices starts from69$.

This complete catalog which was actually displayed in a local fashion magazine and sunday magazine is now available for sale on their flagship store, currently al-karam group has just this specific branch In Sadday of Karachi market, this complete catalog brand brand is available in different colors variations as well and also has different styling of embellishment, checkout the catalog shared below and if you are up for any of these than let us know by email or using a comment and we shall get back to you with availability of abayas.


2013-2014 Al-karam Studio Abaya Designs for Hot Girls


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